The rise of Chinpreme: From inside joke to school wide phenomenon (*)


Article published in the Wildcat Tribune online and in the Wildcat Tribune newspaper

Written with Armaan Rashid

Chinpreme is not a cult.

At the heart of “Chinpreme” — the name a portmanteau of the popular clothing brand Supreme and senior Chinmay Pulapa’s own name — are Pulapa’s friends, who started the loose movement as, mostly, a joke.

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Homeless to Homeowner (*)


Article published on AAJA JCamp website

Written with Sho Sho Leigh Ho

Candy, the office manager and outreach coordinator for Project HOME, a Philadelphia non-profit dedicated to breaking the cycle of homelessness, works the phones in a simple tan t-shirt, offset by her decorative hoop earrings and intricate three-bun hairdo.

Her work at Project HOME (Housing Opportunities Medical Education) is deeply personal: for two years of her life, Candy was homeless.

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